Blade slot machine

The Blade slot game is a part of the Marvel Slots family and is available at all good Playtech casinos. Based on the fictional vampire-hunting super hero of the same name, this top quality 5 reel 20 line video slot game is presented in great style, every symbol faithfully drawn from the character’s personal arsenal of weapons, it’s almost as if you can feel lethally sharp edges of the weapons as they slice through the air in front of your eyes.

There are some killer features and killer payouts too. The Blade Split feature splits the last symbol on any winning payline into two, giving extra payouts, and also the chance to spin 6 of a kind. If you can spin 6x Blade symbols with the help of the Blade Split feature you’ll win a staggering 25,000x your line bet – phew!

The other main feature to look out for in the Blade slot game is triggered by the Blade logo scatter symbol, which dishes out an initial 15 Free Spins with dynamic multipliers that increase with every win up to a maximum of 5x, and the free games can be retriggered infinitely – always a nice touch!

The crowning glory of the Blade slots game is shared with the whole family in the Marvel Slots range, and it goes by the grand name of the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot. It’s actually four different progressive jackpots linked together, and there’s no special combination of reels required to enter the Jackpot game, it appears at random. However, the higher your bet, the higher your chances are of winning one of the progressive jackpots.

Video Trailer of Blade Slots

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Who is Blade?

Blade Slots Blade Slots

Blade is one of the late-comers to the Super hero scene, and first appeared in The Tomb of Dracula Marvel comic in 1973, not even as the main character. However his skills as a fearless vampire hunter made him extremely popular and he soon became a household name. By December '74 Blade had 11 pages devoted to him in a solo story in another Marvel comic, Vampire Tales. Blade creator Marv Wolfman told artist Gene Colan that he saw Blade as a black man, unusual for a super hero, and he has been faithfully represented over the years in all different media as such.

Blade's personal life starts with a dramatic tragedy, his mother was a prostitute in London and gave birth to him in a brothel. There were complications during labour and a Vampire doctor was summoned to help, but instead feasted on her during the birth, killing her in the process and transmitting his superpowers to the infant through enzymes in his blood.

Story of Blade

Blade Slots Blade Slots

Blade grew up at the brothel, his given name was Eric Brooks, and at the tender age of nine he went to the rescue of an old man who was being attacked by 3 vampires. The man was actually a vampire hunter (and a musician), and he trained Blade in both. Blade grew into a formidable hunter, and a honed athlete, and became expert in lethal edged weapons, hence the name Blade.

The second tragedy in his life was the death of his girlfriend due to a particularly fierce and powerful Vampire he fought with. Although he won, his girlfriend was lost. This made him vow to devote the rest of his life to hunting down and killing Vampires.

Although the Blade slot game doesn't feature any vampires, the weapons are lethal and rewards are plentiful. So get spinning and winning with the excellent Blade slot game today.